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Woman Excel is an organization whose vision is to create a platform for women in the marketplace wherein they exchange ideas and share experiences of their successes. Woman Excel is on a mission to provide a knowledge base from which women in the market place can draw inspirational testimonies, network and develop synergies to help women grow from mediocrity to greatness. Having realized that we were focusing on women who are already in the marketplace, we have decided to ‘catch them young’ hence the creation of Young Excel. Women have been marginalized and discriminated due to societal and cultural values that have become inherent in many young girls therefore, Women Excel would like to close the gap by providing inspiration and knowledge to the younger generation.

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woman excel Zimbabwe
Our vision

To be a movement which raises a generation of confident and successful young women who are inspired to excel in their chosen fields and spheres of influence.

woman excel Zimbabwe
Our Mission

To create a platform from which a whole generation of young women who can be impacted for growth and excellence in their individual lives as well as in the marketplace.

woman excel Zimbabwe
Our Core-Values

Positive Attitude

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About us

A platform for women in the marketplace wherein ideas are exchanged.

Where to find us

46 Kwame Nkrumah, Suite 21 Westminster Court, Harare, Zimbabwe.

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